A Letter to the Fearful Dreamers


Deep inside of you is a dream. Perhaps it’s to perform on Broadway. Maybe it’s just to see your art on someone else’s wall. Whatever it is, it terrifies you.

You tell yourself many things not to hold onto the dream. It’s not realistic, there’s so much competition! It’s selfish or egotistical to want that. The excuses are powerful enough to hold you back, to make you doubt yourself.

But they all say the same thing: Who am I to want that? Who am I to become so much?

You are. You are allowed to want, to desire, even to need these dreams.

Is your dream about murdering someone? Stealing from others? Making others do all the work?

No? Sounds like your dream won’t hurt anyone. People might think you’re crazy. They may tell you that you aren’t being wise about this. They might try to stop you.

But your dream has never been for them. 

It’s your true deep desire. It’s to do the things you ache for, hunger for. The vast majority of us are used to being rational, pragmatic, and waiting. But dreaming is rarely rational or pragmatic. That raw hope, that strong wave of need, well those are probably terrifying the shit out of you (they make me scared too.)

You are allowed to want, to dream, and most importantly, to need. You are allowed to chase what lights you up, what feels like your purpose (and even allow that to change over time).


When people make you doubt yourself, remember this:

Your dream is possible. Your dream is beautiful. Your dream is worth pursuing. You can and are allowed to have it. There’s nothing wrong with it. There’s nothing wrong with having desires.

There’s nothing wrong with you. Your desire is a sign that you are alive. 

So hold the dream. Let it live inside of you. Let the way become illuminated so you can take it, step by step. A path that is dancing the whole way, not slugging and waiting and tears.

May this be a journey that makes you feel aligned. May you be excited and feel connection.

Because that’s what you deserve.

It’s your time to allow yourself to have it, to enjoy this life.

This doesn’t mean dreaming is easy. It won’t come without hard work, without a price. Nothing in this world is free, but it will be worth it. You’ll know the worth in your bones, in the joy it makes you feel.

Take a deep breath and close your eyes. Let yourself dream for a moment. It makes you feel alive envisioning it, doesn’t it? Work towards that. Hold that fire. You can have it, if you have faith in yourself. If you walk towards your own true north.

This is a journey of a thousand miles. Believing, well, that’s the first step.

Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life? -Mary Oliver


    1. Thanks Josie! I believe dreaming is a critical compass not only for our goals but what we need now. Allowing our dreams is a way we give ourselves permission to follow our intuition for what we need. And you definitely deserve that

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