5 Creative Tricks and Treats to Celebrate Halloween

The leaves are changing, temperature is cooling, and days are getting shorter. All signs point to one thing: Halloween is coming!

While it’s been years since I’ve gotten to trick or treat, this holiday keeps growing on me. Why? In some ways, it’s the most creative and playful holiday of the year. An opportunity to wear masks, carve pumpkins tell scary stories, and so much more.  You don’t have to be the best pumpkin carver to get in the spirit and have some fun.  More importantly, all this creative fun is also good for you.

Can’t think of any ideas? I have 5 to help you get started.

1.  Make your own costume

sometimes costumes also include a set.
sometimes costumes also include a set.

You don’t have to spend $50 to look like everyone else this year. Look around your house and you can create your own costume. For instance, have overalls, a red shirt, and a toilet plunger? You’re Mario! Switch it with a green shirt and you have Luigi.

Want something a little classier? Slip on a little black dress, throw on your pearls, and you’re ready to have breakfast at Tiffany’s. Or throw on a white tank top and shorts, covering yourself with toilet paper. Suddenly you’re a mummy, straight out of Egypt.

If you’re like most Americans, you have a ton of stuff already. Halloween is an opportunity to dust off some old clothing and put it toward a fun use.

Bonus: get into full character with a back story. Going as a witch? What’s your favorite spell?

2. Research some local ghost stories

A lot of creativity isn’t just making something; it’s about how you do it. For instance, fairy tales and myths are ancient stories. The Brothers Grimm merely collected them and told them well.

Now, it’s your turn. Google local ghost stories from your region. Find 2-3 you really like. From there, work on retelling the story in a dramatic and compelling way.  Give the characters details that make them more empathetic. Set the stage, create tension.

Telling a great story is work. For some tips, I’d listen to The Moth Radio Hour. This NPR show is full of compelling story telling. If you need more resources, this article from Harvard Business Review has tips that will help you leave your audience chilled to the bone.

3. Create some creepy treats

vampire dentures
Source: The girl who ate everything

Love to cook or bake? Halloween doesn’t stop at the candy aisle in the supermarket. Create some gooey monster cookies. Or perhaps make white chocolate pretzels colored to look like pumpkins. There are lots of great ideas on Pinterest to bring out your inner chef. No pumpkin spice required.

Don’t love to bake? Check out this great idea as a simple and spooky party treat.

4. Remix classic ghost stories

There are tons of creepy and scary stories in the public domain, from The King in Yellow to the Ghost Stories of an Antiquary. Halloween is a great time of year to catch up on your spooky reading.  With all these public domain texts, you can also remix them into found poems.

What is found poetry? Found poetry is when you create a poem by taking words, phrases, or even whole passages and reframing it as poetry. Whether you add to or delete, these poems often take others texts and give them new meanings.

So how do you create a found poem? Just print off a page and start cutting out the words that stick out to you.  Lay them down, mix them around, and see what sticks out to you. You may be amazed at what art you can create.

5. Boogey man the dance floor

Why do we love the song Thriller so much? The music is fantastic, both catchy and creepy. More importantly: it also has a terrific dance for Halloween (even if most of us don’t know all the steps)

Halloween is a fun chance to make up some silly dances. Open up YouTube and try to learn the Thriller dance. Or take it one step further and create your own dance to any number of Halloween songs. You could create some polished moves to show off at a Halloween party. Worst case scenario you’ve given yourself a fun and different workout for your body and brain.


Halloween is a fun holiday too often lost between trick and treating and busy party nights. Reclaim the holiday as a chance to explore the creepier side of things. Who knows? You may learn a thing or two perfect for party tricks.


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