Who Am I?

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I’m Katie, writer, photographer, and occasional finger painter. But I wasn’t always. Sure, I had piles and piles of old journals.  I wrote some poetry and one terrible short story in middle school. But, I wasn’t an artist. I certainly didn’t think of myself as particularly creative.

So what changed? In 2012, I had just finished working in Israel doing economic development. I arrived back to the states, uncertain. I didn’t know what I wanted to do with my life. I felt lost, uncertain, and full of doubt.

That’s when I began to embrace creativity. I started abstract drawings, just because it made me happy. Writing became a way for telling my stories and processing this crazy world (not so easy for an INFJ). I bought a smartphone and photography became a tool for enjoying this gorgeous world we live in.

Creativity became my way of dealing with life, exploring myself, and having fun. 

My creative habit grew from there. Not only am I a published writer at over a dozen publications but also work as a content strategist and freelance writer. People now ask me to purchase my photographs. I’ve found an artistic community that stretches from Sydney to Berlin. It all came with learning and developing tools for living a creative life.

So what’s this blog about?


Here is a place all about creative living and how to incorporate that into your life now. Creative living isn’t just about writing a 1,000 words a day or making a living doing what you love (although, it can be). It is self-care, play, listening to yourself and vulnerability. It’s not reserved for just a few people: Anyone, and everyone can have and deserves creativity and play in their lives. And I want to help you find yours.

Being an honest creative is about finding joy in what you do. In this blog, I share not only my journey but also tips and insights to cultivating a creative life that is true to your soul.

Welcome to the adventure. I’m glad you’re here to share the ride.

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